• Mali Baker


Since the publication of my debut novel my feet haven't touched the ground. Its been a rollercoaster ride and one I am still riding with a smile (and with a scream)

I set myself many goals on January 1st 2019 and if I'm honest the path has changed for me many times already. But hey...does it matter how the path unfolds as long as it does?


I've heard these words repeat themselves in my head many times in the past year and I know why. It's because I am great at making to do lists. I make them all day long. I have lists for everything and I like to write my lists out again and again until I am happy with what's on them. But do I ever really tick off a whole To Do list....hhmmm


In 2019 I want To Do my To Do lists. And ideally spend less time making them! I'm seeing the positive in having less time to mull over ideas and make decisions (I am not the most decisive person) and I'm getting a rush from completing tasks and doing them in the pockets of time between everything else that is going on.


I have spent a lot of time waiting for the perfect blocks of time to write, to spend time putting pitches together, to go to the perfect location to draw inspiration but the words keep repeating...'ACTION IS REQUIRED'.

Its time to action what I can, when I can and walk my very own magical path. There's nothing wrong with a To Do list but I don't want it to be the excuse for me to procrastinate on the ACTION THAT IS REQUIRED to keep moving forwards. So this is the year I put into practice self motivation and keep on riding the rollercoaster.

Mali Bakers debut novel RIVER BAKER AND THE WARRIORS OF RALA is available online at all major bookstores.

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