I was born in Midsomer Norton, the town where River’s Nana and Grandpa live. I moved when I was very young to the startastic county of Berkshire, where I still live today.


Always a creative I wrote stories and plays from the time I knew how. In my teens I fell in love with singing, dancing and acting and after secondary school I went on to study at the Urdang Academy- leading me to perform in London’s West End and travel the world touring.


In 2012, while touring in Japan, I decided I was going to write a book. The doors of my imagination opened, and whilst journeying on my own magical path of self-discovery I found the world of RALA. Through River, Kit and the Warriors of RALA I have been able to tell my story and share some of the fun things I learnt along the way.


At the moment I have my hands full being a mummy to my very own Warrior Princess and teaching performing arts at various schools in Berkshire. As well as writing the second book in the River Baker series I am exploring another character called AngelA and putting together my first picture book. I do like to keep myself busy!

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