River Baker and The Warriors Of Rala

I was born in Midsomer Norton, the town where River’s Nana and Grandpa live. I moved when I was very young to the startastic county of Berkshire, where I still live today.  

Always a creative I wrote stories and plays from the time I knew how. In my teens I fell in love with singing, dancing and acting and after secondary school I went on to study at the Urdang Academy- leading me to perform in London’s West End and travel the world touring.

In 2012, while in Japan, I decided I was going to write a book. The doors of my imagination opened, and whilst journeying on my own magical path of self-discovery I found the world of RALA. Through River, Kit and the Warriors of RALA I have been able to tell my story and share some of the most valuable lessons I learnt –my favourite being how to TRUST AND BELIEVE IN MYSELF. ”

My Warrior Mission is to share this message with as many people as I can through my stories and special characters. At the moment I have my hands full being a mummy to my very own Warrior Princess-Ayla Mae Yazdi Mullen- as well as writing the second book in the RIVER BAKER series.

My Creators




Advisor on River Baker And The Warriors Of Rala and Co Creator of How To Become A Warrior

There is only one word to describe my River Baker journey with Mali- MAGICAL- I love every moment! I never stop feeling overwhelmed with what is created in our brainstorming sessions. We have been chosen to work together and have been guided every step of the way. I feel blessed to be part of Mali’s life purpose as a writer and I feel so grateful to be chosen to mentor her throughout this journey.

“How to Become a Warrior’ is part of my life’s work-giving children and adults the tools to overcome challenges in their everyday life. It’s my passion to watch their inner strength grow. Mali’s creative talent is really helping to bring out the creative needs for “How to Become a Warrior” and we are having so much fun developing it. I have completely fallen in love with River Baker and all the characters within the book, and I know you will too! May the books inspire you, encourage you and challenge you to trust and believe in yourself.